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gymnosperm genus

English Thesaurus

1. a genus of gymnosperms (noun.plant)
definition:(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species (
:genus gnetum,
definition:type genus of the Gnetaceae; small trees or shrubs usually with climbing jointed stems and terminal spikes of flowers with orange-red seeds clustered in rough cones (noun.plant)
:catha, genus catha,
definition:a genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers (noun.plant)
:genus ephedra,
definition:type and sole genus of Ephedraceae: tropical and subtropical evergreen shrubby or creeping plants native to dry and inhospitable regions (noun.plant)
:genus welwitchia, genus welwitschia,
definition:type and sole genus of Welwitschiaceae (noun.plant)
:cycas, genus cycas,
definition:type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves (noun.plant)
:genus zamia,
definition:genus of small evergreen tropical and subtropical American cycads (noun.plant)
:genus ceratozamia,
definition:small genus of Mexican cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae (noun.plant)
:genus dioon,
definition:small genus of arborescent cycads of Mexico and Central America; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae (noun.plant)
:genus encephalartos,
definition:genus of arborescent African cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae (noun.plant)
:genus macrozamia,
definition:genus of large evergreen Australian cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae (noun.plant)
:bennettitis, genus bennettitis,
definition:type of the Bennettitales (noun.plant)
:genus lyginopteris, lyginopteris,
definition:genus of fossil seed ferns of the Carboniferous (noun.plant)
:cordaites, genus cordaites,
definition:tall Paleozoic trees superficially resembling modern screw pines; structurally intermediate in some ways between cycads and conifers (noun.plant)
:genus pinus, pinus,
definition:type genus of the Pinaceae: large genus of true pines (noun.plant)
:genus larix, larix,
definition:larches (noun.plant)
:genus pseudolarix, pseudolarix,
definition:one species: golden larch (noun.plant)
:abies, genus abies,
definition:true firs (noun.plant)
:cedrus, genus cedrus,
definition:true cedars (noun.plant)
:genus picea, picea,
definition:a genus of temperate and Arctic evergreen trees (see spruce) (noun.plant)
:genus tsuga, tsuga,
definition:hemlock; hemlock fir; hemlock spruce (noun.plant)
:genus pseudotsuga, pseudotsuga,
definition:douglas fir; closely related to genera Larix and Cathaya (noun.plant)
:genus cathaya,
definition:one species; related to Pseudotsuga and Larix (noun.plant)
:cupressus, genus cupressus,
definition:type genus of Cupressaceae (noun.plant)
:athrotaxis, genus athrotaxis,
definition:a genus of gymnosperm (noun.plant)
:austrocedrus, genus austrocedrus,
definition:one species; formerly included in genus Libocedrus (noun.plant)
:callitris, genus callitris,
definition:evergreen monoecious coniferous trees or shrubs: cypress pines (noun.plant)
:calocedrus, genus calocedrus,
definition:tall evergreens of western North America and eastern Asia; formerly included in genus Libocedrus (noun.plant)
:chamaecyparis, genus chamaecyparis,
definition:a genus of Chamaecyparis (noun.plant)
:cryptomeria, genus cryptomeria,
definition:Japanese cedar; sugi (noun.plant)
:genus juniperus, juniperus,
definition:junipers (noun.plant)
:genus libocedrus, libocedrus,
definition:cypresses that resemble cedars (noun.plant)
:genus metasequoia,
definition:genus of deciduous conifers comprising both living and fossil forms; 1 extant species: dawn redwood of China; variously classified as member of Pinaceae or Taxodiaceae (noun.plant)
:genus sequoia,
definition:redwoods; until recently considered a genus of a separate family Taxodiaceae (noun.plant)
:genus taxodium, taxodium,
definition:bald cypress; swamp cypress (noun.plant)
:genus tetraclinis, tetraclinis,
definition:sandarac tree (noun.plant)
:genus thuja, thuja,
definition:red cedar (noun.plant)
:genus thujopsis, thujopsis,
definition:one species; has close similarity to genus Thuja (noun.plant)
:genus keteleeria,
definition:a genus of keteleeria (noun.plant)
:genus araucaria,
definition:a genus of the araucaria family (noun.plant)
:agathis, genus agathis,
definition:kauri pine (noun.plant)
:cephalotaxus, genus cephalotaxus,
definition:the genus of Cephalotaxus (see plum-yews) (noun.plant)
:genus torreya, torreya,
definition:nutmeg-yews (noun.plant)
:genus phyllocladus, phyllocladus,
definition:celery pine (noun.plant)
:genus podocarpus, podocarpus,
definition:evergreen trees or shrubs; sometimes classified as member of the family Taxaceae (noun.plant)
:afrocarpus, genus afrocarpus,
definition:dioecious evergreen trees or shrubs; equatorial to southern and southeastern Africa: yellowwood; similar to trees or genus Podocarpus (noun.plant)
:dacrycarpus, genus dacrycarpus,
definition:evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees of New Zealand to Malaysia and Philippines (noun.plant)
:dacrydium, genus dacrydium,
definition:Australasian evergreen trees or shrubs (noun.plant)
:falcatifolium, genus falcatifolium,
definition:sickle pines: dioecious evergreen tropical trees and shrubs having sickle-shaped leaves; similar to Dacrycarpus in habit; Malaysia and Philippines to New Guinea and New Caledonia (noun.plant)
:genus halocarpus, halocarpus,
definition:dioecious trees or shrubs of New Zealand; similar in habit to Dacrydium (noun.plant)
:genus lagarostrobus, lagarostrobus,
definition:genus of dioecious evergreen trees of New Zealand and Tasmania; similar to genus Dacrydium (noun.plant)
:genus lepidothamnus, lepidothamnus,
definition:small usually shrubby conifers (noun.plant)
:genus microstrobos, microstrobos,
definition:2 species of small evergreen shrubs of Australia and Tasmania (noun.plant)
:genus nageia, nageia,
definition:small genus of Asian evergreen trees having columnar crowns and distinguished by leaves lacking a midrib; eastern Asia including India and Philippines and New Guinea (noun.plant)
:genus parasitaxus, parasitaxus,
definition:one species: parasite yew (noun.plant)
:genus prumnopitys, prumnopitys,
definition:mostly dioecious evergreen conifers; leaves are softer than in Podocarpus (noun.plant)
:genus retrophyllum, retrophyllum,
definition:small genus of tropical evergreen dioecious shrubs or trees of Oceania and tropical South America (noun.plant)
:genus saxe-gothea, genus saxegothea, saxe-gothea, saxegothea,
definition:one species: Prince Albert's yew (noun.plant)
:genus sundacarpus, sundacarpus,
definition:one species (noun.plant)
:genus sciadopitys, sciadopitys,
definition:type and sole genus of Sciadopityaceae; Japanese umbrella pines (noun.plant)
:genus taxus, taxus,
definition:yews (noun.plant)
:austrotaxus, genus austrotaxus,
definition:a gymnosperm genus having one species: New Caledonian yew (noun.plant)
:genus pseudotaxus, pseudotaxus,
definition:one species (noun.plant)
:genus ginkgo,
definition:sole surviving genus of the Ginkgoaceae (noun.plant)
:class gymnospermae, division gymnospermophyta, gymnospermae, gymnospermophyta,
definition:plants having naked seeds not enclosed in an ovary; in some systems considered a class (Gymnospermae) and in others a division (Gymnospermophyta); comprises three subdivisions (or classes): Cycadophytina (class Cycadopsida) and Gnetophytina (class Gnetopsida) and Coniferophytina (class Coniferopsida); in some classifications the Coniferophytina are divided into three groups: Pinophytina (class Pinopsida) and Ginkgophytina (class Ginkgopsida) and Taxophytina (class Taxopsida) (noun.plant)

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