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bird family

English Thesaurus

1. a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings (noun.animal)
definition:(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera (
:family struthionidae, struthionidae,
definition:tall terrestrial birds: ostriches (noun.animal)
:casuaridae, family casuaridae,
definition:a family of large ostrich-like birds including cassowaries (noun.animal)
:apterygidae, family apterygidae,
definition:coextensive with the order Apterygiformes (noun.animal)
:family rheidae, rheidae,
definition:a family of birds coextensive with the order Rheiformes (noun.animal)
:aepyornidae, family aepyornidae,
definition:coextensive with the order Aepyorniformes (noun.animal)
:dinornithidae, family dinornithidae,
definition:moas (noun.animal)
:family meliphagidae, meliphagidae,
definition:honey eaters (noun.animal)
:family prunellidae, prunellidae,
definition:hedge sparrow (noun.animal)
:alaudidae, family alaudidae,
definition:larks (noun.animal)
:family motacillidae, motacillidae,
definition:pipits and wagtails (noun.animal)
:family fringillidae, fringillidae,
definition:finches: goldfinches; bullfinches; chaffinches; siskins; canaries; cardinals; grosbeaks; crossbills; linnets; buntings (noun.animal)
:carduelinae, subfamily carduelinae,
definition:used in some classifications for a subgroup of finches (noun.animal)
:emberizidae, subfamily emberizidae, subfamily emberizinae,
definition:buntings and some New World sparrows (noun.animal)
:coerebidae, dacninae, family coerebidae, family dacninae,
definition:the honeycreepers (noun.animal)
:family passeridae, passeridae,
definition:true sparrows: Old world birds formerly considered weaverbirds (noun.animal)
:family ploceidae, ploceidae,
definition:weaverbirds (noun.animal)
:drepanididae, family drepanididae,
definition:Hawaiian honeycreepers (noun.animal)
:family menuridae, menuridae,
definition:lyrebirds (noun.animal)
:atrichornithidae, family atrichornithidae,
definition:scrubbirds (noun.animal)
:eurylaimidae, family eurylaimidae,
definition:coextensive with the suborder Eurylaimi (noun.animal)
:superfamily tyrannidae, tyrannidae,
definition:New World tyrant flycatchers most numerous in Central America and South America but also in the United States and Canada (noun.animal)
:cotingidae, family cotingidae,
definition:cotingas; umbrella birds (noun.animal)
:family pipridae, pipridae,
definition:manakins (noun.animal)
:family furnariidae, furnariidae,
definition:e.g. ovenbirds (noun.animal)
:family formicariidae, formicariidae,
definition:antbirds (noun.animal)
:dendrocolaptidae, family dendrocolaptidae,
definition:woodhewers or woodcreepers (noun.animal)
:family pittidae, pittidae,
definition:pittas (noun.animal)
:family muscicapidae, muscicapidae,
definition:Old World (true) flycatchers (noun.animal)
:family turdidae, turdidae,
definition:thrushes; in some classifications considered a subfamily (Turdinae) of the family Muscicapidae (noun.animal)
:subfamily turdinae, turdinae,
definition:alternative classification for the thrushes (noun.animal)
:family sylviidae, sylviidae,
definition:in some classifications considered a subfamily (Sylviinae) of the family Muscicapidae: Old World (true) warblers; American kinglets and gnatcatchers (noun.animal)
:subfamily sylviinae, sylviinae,
definition:alternative classification for the Old World warblers (noun.animal)
:family timaliidae, timaliidae,
definition:babblers (noun.animal)
:family parulidae, parulidae,
definition:New World warblers (noun.animal)
:family paradisaeidae, paradisaeidae,
definition:birds of paradise (noun.animal)
:family icteridae, icteridae,
definition:American orioles; American blackbirds; bobolinks; meadowlarks (noun.animal)
:family oriolidae, oriolidae,
definition:Old World orioles (noun.animal)
:family sturnidae, sturnidae,
definition:Old World starlings (noun.animal)
:corvidae, family corvidae,
definition:crow; raven; rook; jackdaw; chough; magpie; jay (noun.animal)
:garrulinae, subfamily garrulinae,
definition:subfamily of the crow family: jays (noun.animal)
:cracticidae, family cracticidae,
definition:Australian birds formerly included in the family Laniidae (noun.animal)
:family troglodytidae, troglodytidae,
definition:wrens (noun.animal)
:family mimidae, mimidae,
definition:sometimes considered a subfamily of Troglodytidae: mockingbirds; catbirds; thrashers (noun.animal)
:acanthisittidae, family acanthisittidae, family xenicidae, xenicidae,
definition:alternative names for the family comprising the New Zealand wrens (noun.animal)
:certhiidae, family certhiidae,
definition:creepers (noun.animal)
:family sittidae, sittidae,
definition:nuthatches (noun.animal)
:family paridae, paridae,
definition:titmice and chickadees (noun.animal)
:family irenidae, irenidae,
definition:a family of birds of the suborder Oscines (noun.animal)
:family hirundinidae, hirundinidae,
definition:swallows and martins (noun.animal)
:artamidae, family artamidae,
definition:wood swallows (noun.animal)
:family thraupidae, thraupidae,
definition:tanagers (noun.animal)
:family laniidae, laniidae,
definition:shrikes (noun.animal)
:malaconotinae, subfamily malaconotinae,
definition:an African bush shrikes (noun.animal)
:family ptilonorhynchidae, ptilonorhynchidae,
definition:bowerbirds (noun.animal)
:cinclidae, family cinclidae,
definition:water ouzels (noun.animal)
:family vireonidae, vireonidae,
definition:small insectivorous American songbirds (noun.animal)
:bombycillidae, family bombycillidae,
definition:a family of birds of the suborder Oscines (noun.animal)
:accipitridae, family accipitridae,
definition:hawks; Old World vultures; kites; harriers; eagles (noun.animal)
:falconidae, family falconidae,
definition:a family of birds of the order Falconiformes (noun.animal)
:family pandionidae, pandionidae,
definition:ospreys (noun.animal)
:family sagittariidae, sagittariidae,
definition:secretary birds (noun.animal)
:cathartidae, family cathartidae,
definition:condors; turkey buzzards; king vultures (noun.animal)
:family strigidae, strigidae,
definition:a family of nocturnal birds of the order Strigiformes (noun.animal)
:family tytonidae, tytonidae,
definition:comprising only the barn owls (noun.animal)
:family meleagrididae, meleagrididae,
definition:turkeys and some extinct forms (noun.animal)
:family tetraonidae, tetraonidae,
definition:grouse (noun.animal)
:cracidae, family cracidae,
definition:curassows; guans; chachalacas (noun.animal)
:family megapodiidae, megapodiidae,
definition:megapodes (noun.animal)
:family phasianidae, phasianidae,
definition:pheasants; quails; partridges (noun.animal)
:perdicidae, perdicinae, subfamily perdicidae, subfamily perdicinae,
definition:Old World partridges (noun.animal)
:numididae, numidinae, subfamily numididae, subfamily numidinae,
definition:guinea fowl and related birds of Africa and Madagascar (noun.animal)
:family opisthocomidae, opisthocomidae,
definition:comprising the hoatzins (noun.animal)
:family tinamidae, tinamidae,
definition:comprising the tinamous (noun.animal)
:family raphidae, raphidae,
definition:extinct dodos and solitaires (noun.animal)
:columbidae, family columbidae,
definition:doves and pigeons (noun.animal)
:family pteroclididae, pteroclididae,
definition:sandgrouses (noun.animal)
:family psittacidae, psittacidae,
definition:coextensive with the order Psittaciformes (noun.animal)
:loriinae, subfamily loriinae,
definition:lories (noun.animal)
:cuculidae, family cuculidae,
definition:includes cuckoo; ani; roadrunner (noun.animal)
:family musophagidae, musophagidae,
definition:touracos (noun.animal)
:coraciidae, family coraciidae,
definition:rollers (noun.animal)
:alcedinidae, family alcedinidae,
definition:kingfishers (noun.animal)
:family meropidae, meropidae,
definition:bee-eaters (noun.animal)
:bucerotidae, family bucerotidae,
definition:hornbills (noun.animal)
:family upupidae, upupidae,
definition:hoopoes (noun.animal)
:family phoeniculidae, phoeniculidae,
definition:wood hoopoes (noun.animal)
:family momotidae, momotidae,
definition:a family of birds of the order Coraciiformes (noun.animal)
:family todidae, todidae,
definition:a family of birds of the order Coraciiformes (noun.animal)
:apodidae, family apodidae,
definition:swifts; in former classifications included in the order Coraciiformes (noun.animal)
:family hemiprocnidae, hemiprocnidae,
definition:tree swifts (noun.animal)
:family trochilidae, trochilidae,
definition:hummingbirds (noun.animal)
:caprimulgidae, family caprimulgidae,
definition:goatsuckers (noun.animal)
:family podargidae, podargidae,
definition:frogmouths (noun.animal)
:family steatornithidae, steatornithidae,
definition:oilbirds (noun.animal)
:family picidae, picidae,
definition:woodpeckers (noun.animal)
:capitonidae, family capitonidae,
definition:barbets (noun.animal)
:bucconidae, family bucconidae,
definition:puffbirds (noun.animal)
:family indicatoridae, indicatoridae,
definition:honey guides (noun.animal)
:family galbulidae, galbulidae,
definition:jacamars (noun.animal)
:family ramphastidae, ramphastidae,
definition:toucans (noun.animal)
:family trogonidae, trogonidae,
definition:coextensive with the order Trogoniformes (noun.animal)
:anatidae, family anatidae,
definition:swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks (noun.animal)
:merginae, subfamily merginae,
definition:mergansers and closely related diving birds (noun.animal)
:anserinae, subfamily anserinae,
definition:used in some classifications for the swans (noun.animal)
:anhimidae, family anhimidae,
definition:screamers (noun.animal)
:ciconiidae, family ciconiidae,
definition:storks (noun.animal)
:balaenicipitidae, family balaenicipitidae,
definition:shoebills (noun.animal)
:family ibidiidae, family threskiornithidae, threskiornithidae,
definition:ibises (noun.animal)
:family plataleidae, plataleidae,
definition:spoonbills (noun.animal)
:family phoenicopteridae, phoenicopteridae,
definition:flamingos (noun.animal)
:ardeidae, family ardeidae,
definition:herons; egrets; night herons; bitterns (noun.animal)
:family gruidae, gruidae,
definition:cranes (noun.animal)
:cariamidae, family cariamidae,
definition:crane-like South American wading birds (noun.animal)
:family rallidae, rallidae,
definition:rails; crakes; gallinules; coots (noun.animal)
:family otididae, otididae,
definition:bustards (noun.animal)
:family turnicidae, turnicidae,
definition:small Old World birds resembling but not related to true quail (noun.animal)
:family psophiidae, psophiidae,
definition:trumpeters (noun.animal)
:charadriidae, family charadriidae,
definition:plover family (noun.animal)
:family scolopacidae, scolopacidae,
definition:sandpiper family: sandpipers; woodcocks; snipes; tattlers; curlews; godwits; dowitchers (noun.animal)
:family recurvirostridae, recurvirostridae,
definition:long-legged shorebirds (noun.animal)
:family haematopodidae, haematopodidae,
definition:oystercatchers (noun.animal)
:family phalaropidae, phalaropidae,
definition:phalaropes (noun.animal)
:family glareolidae, glareolidae,
definition:Old World shorebirds: pratincoles and coursers (noun.animal)
:burhinidae, family burhinidae,
definition:large wading birds resembling the plovers: stone curlews (noun.animal)
:family laridae, laridae,
definition:gull family: gulls and terns (noun.animal)
:sterninae, subfamily sterninae,
definition:terns (noun.animal)
:family rynchopidae, rynchopidae,
definition:coextensive with the genus Rynchops: skimmers (noun.animal)
:family stercorariidae, stercorariidae,
definition:jaegers and skuas: (noun.animal)
:alcidae, family alcidae,
definition:web-footed diving seabirds of northern seas: auks; puffins; guillemots; murres; etc. (noun.animal)
:family gavidae, gavidae,
definition:loon family (noun.animal)
:family podicipedidae, podicipedidae,
definition:coextensive with the order Podicipitiformes (noun.animal)
:family pelecanidae, pelecanidae,
definition:pelicans (noun.animal)
:family fregatidae, fregatidae,
definition:frigate birds (noun.animal)
:family sulidae, sulidae,
definition:gannets and boobies (noun.animal)
:family phalacrocoracidae, phalacrocoracidae,
definition:cormorants (noun.animal)
:anhingidae, family anhingidae,
definition:snakebirds (noun.animal)
:family phaethontidae, phaethontidae,
definition:tropicbirds (noun.animal)
:family spheniscidae, spheniscidae,
definition:comprising all existing penguins (noun.animal)
:diomedeidae, family diomedeidae,
definition:albatrosses (noun.animal)
:family procellariidae, procellariidae,
definition:petrels; fulmars; shearwaters (noun.animal)
:family hydrobatidae, hydrobatidae,
definition:storm petrels (noun.animal)
:family pelecanoididae, pelecanoididae,
definition:diving petrels (noun.animal)
:craniata, subphylum craniata, subphylum vertebrata, vertebrata,
definition:fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; mammals (noun.animal)

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