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subfamily papilionoideae

English Thesaurus

1. alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae (noun.plant)
:rosid dicot family,
definition:a family of dicotyledonous plants (noun.plant)
:genus medicago, medicago,
definition:a genus of herbs that resemble clover (noun.plant)
:genus amorpha,
definition:American herbs or shrubs usually growing in dry sunny habitats on prairies and hillsides (noun.plant)
:amphicarpa, amphicarpaea, genus amphicarpa, genus amphicarpaea,
definition:very small genus of twining vines of North America and Asia: hog peanut (noun.plant)
:anagyris, genus anagyris,
definition:very small genus of shrubs of southern Europe having backward curving seed pods (noun.plant)
:andira, genus andira,
definition:small genus of evergreen trees of tropical America and western Africa (noun.plant)
:anthyllis, genus anthyllis,
definition:genus of Mediterranean herbs and shrubs (noun.plant)
:apios, genus apios,
definition:twining perennial North American plants (noun.plant)
:aspalathus, genus aspalathus,
definition:genus of South African heathlike shrubs (noun.plant)
:astragalus, genus astragalus,
definition:large genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of north temperate regions; largest genus in the family Leguminosae (noun.plant)
:baphia, genus baphia,
definition:small genus of shrubs and lianas and trees of Africa and Madagascar (noun.plant)
:baptisia, genus baptisia,
definition:genus of North American plants with showy flowers and an inflated pod (noun.plant)
:butea, genus butea,
definition:genus of East Indian trees or shrubs: dhak (noun.plant)
:cajanus, genus cajanus,
definition:erect densely branched shrubby perennials of Old World tropics; naturalized in other warm regions (noun.plant)
:canavalia, genus canavalia,
definition:herbs or woody vines of mainly American tropics and subtropics (noun.plant)
:genus caragana,
definition:large genus of Asiatic deciduous shrubs or small trees (noun.plant)
:castanospermum, genus castanospermum,
definition:a rosid dicot genus of the subfamily Papilionoideae having one species: Moreton Bay chestnut (noun.plant)
:centrosema, genus centrosema,
definition:a genus of chiefly tropical American vines of the family Leguminosae having trifoliate leaves and large flowers (noun.plant)
:cercis, genus cercis,
definition:deciduous shrubs and trees of eastern Asia, southern Europe and the United States (noun.plant)
:chamaecytisus, genus chamaecytisus,
definition:small late-flowering trees or subshrubs having yellow to red flowers and leathery or woody pods; often especially formerly included in genus Cytisus (noun.plant)
:chordospartium, genus chordospartium,
definition:2 species of small New Zealand trees: weeping tree broom; endangered (noun.plant)
:chorizema, genus chorizema,
definition:genus of Australian twining vines and small shrubs: flame peas (noun.plant)
:cicer, genus cicer,
definition:chickpea plant; Asiatic herbs (noun.plant)
:cladrastis, genus cladrastis,
definition:yellowwoods (noun.plant)
:genus clianthus,
definition:genus of semi-prostrate Australasian shrubs or vines (noun.plant)
:clitoria, genus clitoria,
definition:genus of tropical shrubs or vines having pinnate leaves and large axillary flowers (noun.plant)
:codariocalyx, genus codariocalyx,
definition:used in some classifications for plants usually included in genus Desmodium (noun.plant)
:colutea, genus colutea,
definition:small genus of Eurasian shrubs with yellow flowers and bladdery pods (noun.plant)
:genus coronilla,
definition:genus of Old World shrubs and herbs (noun.plant)
:genus crotalaria,
definition:large genus of herbs with simple leaves and racemes of yellow flowers; mainly of tropical Africa (noun.plant)
:cyamopsis, genus cyamopsis,
definition:small genus of annual usually hairy herbs of tropical Africa and Arabia (noun.plant)
:cytisus, genus cytisus,
definition:large genus of stiff or spiny evergreen or deciduous Old World shrubs: broom (noun.plant)
definition:any of various shrubs of the genera Cytisus or Genista or Spartium having long slender branches and racemes of yellow flowers (noun.plant)
:dalbergia, genus dalbergia,
definition:large genus of tropical trees having pinnate leaves and paniculate flowers and cultivated commercially for their dramatically grained and colored timbers (noun.plant)
:dalea, genus dalea,
definition:indigo bush (noun.plant)
:daviesia, genus daviesia,
definition:genus of Australasian shrubs and subshrubs having small yellow or purple flowers followed by short triangular pods (noun.plant)
:genus derris,
definition:genus of Old World tropical shrubs and woody vines (noun.plant)
:desmanthus, genus desmanthus,
definition:genus of American herbs or shrubs with sensitive pinnate leaves and small whitish flowers (noun.plant)
:desmodium, genus desmodium,
definition:beggarweed; tick trefoil (noun.plant)
:dipogon, genus dipogon,
definition:one species: Australian pea (noun.plant)
:dolichos, genus dolichos,
definition:genus of chiefly tropical vines often placed in genera Dipogon or Lablab or Macrotyloma (noun.plant)
:genus erythrina,
definition:genus of attractive tropical shrubs or trees with usually red flowers (noun.plant)
:galega, genus galega,
definition:small genus of Eurasian herbs: goat's rue (noun.plant)
:genus gastrolobium,
definition:genus of Australian evergreen shrubs poisonous to livestock: poison bush (noun.plant)
:genista, genus genista,
definition:chiefly deciduous shrubs or small trees of Mediterranean area and western Asia: broom (noun.plant)
:genus geoffroea, geoffroea,
definition:small genus of shrubs or small trees of tropical and subtropical America (noun.plant)
:genus gliricidia,
definition:small genus of low-branching profusely flowering trees of tropical America (noun.plant)
:genus glycine, glycine,
definition:genus of Asiatic erect or sprawling herbs: soya bean (noun.plant)
:genus glycyrrhiza, glycyrrhiza,
definition:sticky perennial Eurasian herbs (noun.plant)
:genus halimodendron, halimodendron,
definition:one species: salt tree (noun.plant)
:genus hardenbergia, hardenbergia,
definition:small genus of Australian woody vines with small violet flowers; closely related to genus Kennedia (noun.plant)
:genus hedysarum, hedysarum,
definition:genus of herbs of north temperate regions (noun.plant)
:genus hippocrepis, hippocrepis,
definition:species of Old World herbs or subshrubs: horseshoe vetch (noun.plant)
:genus hovea,
definition:genus of Australian evergreen shrubs (noun.plant)
:genus indigofera, indigofera,
definition:genus of tropical herbs and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and spurred flowers in long racemes or spikes (noun.plant)
:genus jacksonia, jacksonia,
definition:genus of yellow-flowered Australian unarmed or spiny shrubs without true leaves but having leaflike stems or branches (noun.plant)
:genus kennedia, genus kennedya, kennedia, kennedya,
definition:genus of Australian woody vines having showy red or purplish flowers (noun.plant)
:genus lablab, lablab,
definition:one species: hyacinth bean (noun.plant)
:genus laburnum, laburnum,
definition:flowering shrubs or trees having bright yellow flowers; all parts of the plant are poisonous (noun.plant)
:genus lathyrus, lathyrus,
definition:genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchling; wild pea (noun.plant)
:genus lespedeza,
definition:genus of shrubs or herbs of tropical Asia and Australia and the eastern United States (noun.plant)
:genus lens, lens,
definition:genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils (noun.plant)
:genus lonchocarpus, lonchocarpus,
definition:genus of chiefly tropical American shrubs and trees having pinnate leaves and red or white flowers (noun.plant)
:genus lotus, lotus,
definition:annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs (noun.plant)
:genus lupinus, lupinus,
definition:herbs or shrubs: lupin (noun.plant)
:genus macrotyloma, macrotyloma,
definition:annual or perennial vines of Africa and India and Australia; plants often placed in genus Dolichos (noun.plant)
:genus millettia,
definition:genus of trees and shrubs of the Old World tropics (noun.plant)
:genus mucuna, genus stizolobium, stizolobium,
definition:genus of tropical herbs and woody vines having trifoliate leaves and showy flowers in axillary clusters (noun.plant)
:genus myroxylon, myroxylon,
definition:a genus of tropical American trees having pinnate leaves and white flowers (noun.plant)
:genus onobrychis, onobrychis,
definition:genus of Old World herbs having pinnate leaves and pink or whites racemose flowers followed by flat unjointed pods (noun.plant)
:genus ononis, ononis,
definition:genus of European subshrubs or herbs having pink or purple or yellow solitary or clustered flowers: restharrow (noun.plant)
:genus ormosia, ormosia,
definition:genus of tropical shrubs and trees having usually odd-pinnate leaves with large leaflets and pink to reddish wood (noun.plant)
:genus oxytropis, oxytropis,
definition:large widely-distributed genus of evergreen shrubs or subshrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and racemose or spicate flowers each having a pea-like corolla with a clawed petal (noun.plant)
:genus pachyrhizus, pachyrhizus,
definition:small genus of tropical vines having tuberous roots (noun.plant)
:genus parochetus, parochetus,
definition:one species: shamrock pea (noun.plant)
:genus phaseolus, phaseolus,
definition:herbs of warm regions including most American beans (noun.plant)
:genus pickeringia, pickeringia,
definition:one species: chaparral pea (noun.plant)
:genus piscidia, piscidia,
definition:genus of shrubs or small trees having indehiscent pods with black seeds; roots and bark yield fish poisons (noun.plant)
:genus pisum, pisum,
definition:small genus of variable annual Eurasian vines: peas (noun.plant)
:genus platylobium, platylobium,
definition:small genus of Australian evergreen leguminous shrubs or subshrubs (noun.plant)
:genus platymiscium, platymiscium,
definition:genus of tropical American trees: quira (noun.plant)
:genus podalyria, podalyria,
definition:genus of South African leguminous shrubs often placed in genus Sophora (noun.plant)
:genus pongamia, pongamia,
definition:one species: Indian beech (noun.plant)
:genus psophocarpus, psophocarpus,
definition:species of tropical Asian and African climbing herbs (noun.plant)
:genus psoralea, psoralea,
definition:widely distributed genus of herbs or shrubs with glandular compound leaves and spicate or racemose purple or white flowers (noun.plant)
:genus pterocarpus, pterocarpus,
definition:genus of tropical trees or climbers having usually broadly winged pods (noun.plant)
:genus pueraria, pueraria,
definition:genus of woody Asiatic vines: kudzu (noun.plant)
:genus retama, retama,
definition:small genus of Mediterranean shrubs; often included in genus Genista (noun.plant)
:genus robinia, robinia,
definition:deciduous flowering trees and shrubs (noun.plant)
:genus sabinea, sabinea,
definition:small genus of deciduous West Indian trees or shrubs: carib wood (noun.plant)
:genus sesbania,
definition:small genus of tropical and subtropical leguminous herbs or shrubs or trees (noun.plant)
:genus sophora, sophora,
definition:cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs having odd-pinnate leaves and showy flowers; some species placed in genus Podalyria (noun.plant)
:genus spartium, spartium,
definition:one species: Spanish broom (noun.plant)
:genus strongylodon, strongylodon,
definition:genus of Polynesian or southeastern Asian shrubs or vines (noun.plant)
:genus templetonia, templetonia,
definition:genus of Australian shrubs or subshrubs: coral bush (noun.plant)
:genus tephrosia, tephrosia,
definition:genus of tropical and subtropical herbs or shrubs: hoary peas (noun.plant)
:genus thermopsis, thermopsis,
definition:genus of American and Asiatic showy rhizomatous herbs: bush peas (noun.plant)
:genus tipuana, tipuana,
definition:one species: South American tree: tipu tree (noun.plant)
:genus trigonella, trigonella,
definition:Old World genus of frequently aromatic herbs (noun.plant)
:genus ulex, ulex,
definition:genus of Eurasian spiny shrubs: gorse (noun.plant)
:genus vicia, vicia,
definition:widely distributed genus of annual or perennial and often climbing herbs (noun.plant)
:genus vigna, vigna,
definition:genus of vines or erect herbs having trifoliate leaves and yellowish or purplish flowers; of warm or tropical regions; most species often placed in genus Phaseolus (noun.plant)
:genus viminaria, viminaria,
definition:one species: Australian leafless shrubs: swamp oak (noun.plant)
:genus virgilia, virgilia,
definition:genus of South African trees having pinnate leaves and rose-purple flowers followed by leathery pods (noun.plant)
:genus wisteria,
definition:Asiatic deciduous woody vine having large drooping racemes of white or bluish or purple or pinkish flowers and velvety pods; widely grown as an ornamental (noun.plant)
:fabaceae, family fabaceae, family leguminosae, legume family, leguminosae, pea family,
definition:a large family of trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs bearing bean pods; divided for convenience into the subfamilies Caesalpiniaceae; Mimosaceae; Papilionaceae (noun.plant)

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