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plant order

English Thesaurus

1. the order of plants (noun.plant)
definition:(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more families (
:anthocerotales, order anthocerotales,
definition:hornworts; liverworts having a thalloid gametophyte; in some classification systems included in the class Hepaticopsida (noun.plant)
:andreaeales, order andreaeales,
definition:comprises a single genus: Andreaea (noun.plant)
:bryales, order bryales,
definition:category used in some classification systems for mosses having the spore case separated from the capsule wall by a hollow intercellular space (noun.plant)
:dicranales, order dicranales,
definition:widely distributed order of mosses with erect gametophores and sporophytes at the tips of stems (noun.plant)
:eubryales, order eubryales,
definition:mosses with perennial erect gametophores and stems with rows of leaves and drooping capsules (noun.plant)
:order sphagnales, sphagnales,
definition:coextensive with the genus Sphagnum; in some classifications isolated in a separate subclass (noun.plant)
:jungermanniales, order jungermanniales,
definition:large order of chiefly tropical liverworts (noun.plant)
:marchantiales, order marchantiales,
definition:liverworts with gametophyte differentiated internally (noun.plant)
:order sphaerocarpales, sphaerocarpales,
definition:small order sometimes included in the order Jungermanniales (noun.plant)
:gnetales, order gnetales,
definition:chiefly tropical or xerophytic woody plants; practically unknown as fossils but considered close to the ancestral line of angiosperms (noun.plant)
:cycadales, order cycadales,
definition:primitive tropical gymnosperms abundant in the Mesozoic, now reduced to a few scattered tropical forms (noun.plant)
:bennettitales, order bennettitales,
definition:fossil gymnospermous plants of the Carboniferous (noun.plant)
:cycadofilicales, lyginopteridales, order cycadofilicales, order lyginopteridales,
definition:fossil gymnospermous trees or climbing plants from the Devonian: seed ferns (noun.plant)
:cordaitales, order cordaitales,
definition:extinct plants having tall arborescent trunks comparable to or more advanced than cycads; known from the Pennsylvanian period; probably extinct since the Mesozoic era (noun.plant)
:coniferales, order coniferales,
definition:profusely branching and chiefly evergreen trees and some shrubs having narrow or needlelike leaves (noun.plant)
:order taxales, taxales,
definition:coextensive with the family Taxaceae: yews (noun.plant)
:ginkgoales, order ginkgoales,
definition:coextensive with the family Ginkgoaceae: plants that first appeared in the Permian and now represented by a single surviving species; often included in Coniferales (noun.plant)
:order ranales, order ranunculales, ranales, ranunculales,
definition:herbs, shrubs and trees: includes families Ranunculaceae; Annonaceae; Berberidaceae; Magnoliaceae; Menispermaceae; Myristicaceae; Nymphaeaceae; Lardizabalaceae; Lauraceae; Calycanthaceae; Ceratophyllaceae; Cercidiphyllaceae (noun.plant)
:myricales, order myricales,
definition:coextensive with the family Myricaceae (noun.plant)
:arales, order arales,
definition:Araceae; Lemnaceae (noun.plant)
:aristolochiales, order aristolochiales,
definition:order of plants distinguished by tubular petaloid perianth and inferior ovary (noun.plant)
:caryophyllales, chenopodiales, order caryophyllales, order-chenopodiales,
definition:corresponds approximately to the older group Centrospermae (noun.plant)
:opuntiales, order opuntiales,
definition:coextensive with the family Cactaceae: cactuses (noun.plant)
:order papaverales, order rhoeadales, papaverales, rhoeadales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants (noun.plant)
:campanulales, order campanulales,
definition:an order of plants of the subclass Asteridae including: Campanulaceae; Lobeliaceae; Cucurbitaceae; Goodeniaceae; Compositae (noun.plant)
:orchidales, order orchidales,
definition:order of plants with irregular flowers having minute seeds: Orchidaceae; Burmanniaceae (noun.plant)
:order primulales, primulales,
definition:Primulaceae; Theophrastaceae; Myrsinaceae; and (in some classifications) Plumbaginaceae (noun.plant)
:order plumbaginales, plumbaginales,
definition:coextensive with the family Plumbaginaceae; usually included in order Primulales (noun.plant)
:graminales, order graminales,
definition:grasses; sedges; rushes (noun.plant)
:order pandanales, pandanales,
definition:families Typhaceae; Sparganiaceae; Pandanaceae (noun.plant)
:malvales, order malvales,
definition:Malvaceae; Bombacaceae; Elaeocarpaceae; Sterculiaceae; Tiliaceae (noun.plant)
:order umbellales, umbellales,
definition:plants having umbels or corymbs of uniovulate flowers; includes the Umbelliferae (chiefly herbs) and Cornaceae (chiefly trees or shrubs) (noun.plant)
:order proteales, proteales,
definition:coextensive with the family Proteaceae (noun.plant)
:casuarinales, order casuarinales,
definition:order of chiefly Australian trees and shrubs comprising the casuarinas; 1 family: Casuarinaceae (noun.plant)
:ericales, order ericales,
definition:Ericaceae; Clethraceae; Diapensiaceae; Epacridaceae; Lennoaceae; Pyrolaceae; Monotropaceae (noun.plant)
:diapensiales, order diapensiales,
definition:used in some classifications: coextensive with family Diapensiaceae (noun.plant)
:fagales, order fagales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous trees of the subclass Hamamelidae (noun.plant)
:gentianales, order gentianales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants having gamopetalous flowers; Gentianaceae; Apocynaceae; Asclepiadaceae; Loganiaceae; Oleaceae; Salvadoraceae (noun.plant)
:oleales, order oleales,
definition:coextensive with the family Oleaceae; in some classifications included in the order Gentianales (noun.plant)
:juglandales, order juglandales,
definition:coextensive with the family Juglandaceae (noun.plant)
:myrtales, order myrtales, order thymelaeales, thymelaeales,
definition:Myrtaceae; Combretaceae; Elaeagnaceae; Haloragidaceae; Melastomaceae; Lecythidaceae; Lythraceae; Rhizophoraceae; Onagraceae; Lecythidaceae; Punicaceae (noun.plant)
:musales, order musales,
definition:tropical plants (noun.plant)
:hypericales, order hypericales, order parietales, parietales,
definition:a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae (noun.plant)
:guttiferales, order guttiferales,
definition:used in some classifications; coextensive with Parietales (noun.plant)
:order urticales, urticales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants including Moraceae and Urticaceae and Ulmaceae (noun.plant)
:liliales, order liliales,
definition:an order of monocotyledonous plants including Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae and Iridaceae (noun.plant)
:order palmales, palmales,
definition:coextensive with the family Palmae: palms (noun.plant)
:order plantaginales, plantaginales,
definition:coextensive with the family Plantaginaceae (noun.plant)
:order polygonales, polygonales,
definition:coextensive with the family Polygonaceae, (noun.plant)
:commelinales, order commelinales, order xyridales, xyridales,
definition:an order of monocotyledonous herbs (noun.plant)
:alismales, naiadales, order alismales, order naiadales,
definition:an order of aquatic monocotyledonous herbaceous plants (noun.plant)
:order rosales, rosales,
definition:in some classifications this category does not include Leguminosae (noun.plant)
:order rubiales, rubiales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants of the subclass Asteridae; have opposite leaves and an inferior compound ovary (noun.plant)
:geraniales, order geraniales,
definition:an order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants; see Euphorbiaceae; Geraniaceae; Rutaceae; Malpighiaceae; Simaroubaceae; Meliaceae; Zygophyllaceae; Tropaeolaceae (noun.plant)
:order salicales, salicales,
definition:coextensive with the family Salicaceae (noun.plant)
:order santalales, santalales,
definition:order of plants distinguished by having a one-celled inferior ovary; many are parasitic or partly parasitic usually on roots (noun.plant)
:order sapindales, sapindales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants (noun.plant)
:ebenales, order ebenales,
definition:trees or shrubs of the families Ebenaceae or Sapotaceae or Styracaceae or Symplocaceae (noun.plant)
:order sarraceniales, sarraceniales,
definition:plants that are variously modified to serve as insect traps: families Sarraceniaceae; Nepenthaceae; Droseraceae (noun.plant)
:order polemoniales, polemoniales,
definition:Polemoniaceae; Solanaceae; Boraginaceae; Labiatae; Lentibulariaceae; Pedaliaceae; in some classifications includes the order Scrophulariales (noun.plant)
:order scrophulariales, scrophulariales,
definition:used in some classification systems; often included in the order Polemoniales (noun.plant)
:ophioglossales, order ophioglossales,
definition:coextensive with the family Ophioglossaceae (noun.plant)
:order rhamnales, rhamnales,
definition:an order of dicotyledonous plants (noun.plant)
:order piperales, piperales,
definition:Piperaceae; Saururaceae; Chloranthaceae (noun.plant)
:filicales, order filicales, order polypodiales, polypodiales,
definition:true (leptosporangiate) ferns (noun.plant)
:marattiales, order marattiales,
definition:lower ferns coextensive with the family Marattiaceae (noun.plant)
:order psilotales, psilotales,
definition:lower vascular plants having dichotomously branched sporophyte divided into aerial shoot and rhizome and lacking true roots (noun.plant)
:order psilophytales, psilophytales,
definition:Paleozoic simple dichotomously branched plants of Europe and eastern Canada including the oldest known vascular land plants (noun.plant)
:equisetales, order equisetales,
definition:lower tracheophytes in existence since the Devonian (noun.plant)
:lepidodendrales, order lepidodendrales,
definition:fossil arborescent plants arising during the early Devonian and conspicuous throughout the Carboniferous (noun.plant)
:lycopodiales, order lycopodiales,
definition:lower vascular plants coextensive with the family Lycopodiaceae; in some classifications includes the Selaginellaceae and Isoetaceae (noun.plant)
:order selaginellales, selaginellales,
definition:in some classifications included in Lycopodiales (noun.plant)
:isoetales, order isoetales,
definition:aquatic or marsh-growing fern allies; known to have existed since the Cenozoic; sometimes included in Lycopodiales (noun.plant)
:kingdom plantae, plant kingdom, plantae,
definition:(botany) the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants (noun.plant)

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