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dilleniid dicot family

English Thesaurus

1. family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs (noun.plant)
:dicot family, magnoliopsid family,
definition:family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination (noun.plant)
:caper family, capparidaceae, family capparidaceae,
definition:a dilleniid dicot family of the order Rhoeadales that includes: genera Capparis, Cleome, Crateva, and Polanisia (noun.plant)
:brassicaceae, cruciferae, family brassicaceae, family cruciferae, mustard family,
definition:a large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives (noun.plant)
:family papaveraceae, papaveraceae, poppy family,
definition:herbs or shrubs having milky and often colored juices and capsular fruits (noun.plant)
:family fumariaceae, fumariaceae, fumitory family,
definition:erect or climbing herbs of the northern hemisphere and southern Africa: bleeding heart; Dutchman's breeches; fumitory; squirrel corn (noun.plant)
:family loasaceae, loasa family, loasaceae,
definition:family of bristly hairy sometimes climbing plants; America and Africa and southern Arabia (noun.plant)
:family malvaceae, mallow family, malvaceae,
definition:herbs and shrubs and some trees: mallows; cotton; okra (noun.plant)
:bombacaceae, family bombacaceae,
definition:tropical trees with large dry or fleshy fruit containing usually woolly seeds (noun.plant)
:elaeocarpaceae, elaeocarpus family, family elaeocarpaceae,
definition:genus of trees and shrubs widely distributed in warm regions some yielding useful timber; in some classifications included in the family Santalaceae (noun.plant)
:family sterculiaceae, sterculia family, sterculiaceae,
definition:a large family of plants of order Malvales (noun.plant)
:family tiliaceae, linden family, tiliaceae,
definition:chiefly trees and shrubs of tropical and temperate regions of especially southeastern Asia and Brazil; genera Tilia, Corchorus, Entelea, Grewia, Sparmannia (noun.plant)
:ericaceae, family ericaceae, heath family,
definition:heathers (noun.plant)
:clethraceae, family clethraceae, white-alder family,
definition:coextensive with the genus Clethra (noun.plant)
:diapensia family, diapensiaceae, family diapensiaceae,
definition:north temperate low evergreen plants; in some classifications placed in its own order Diapensiales (noun.plant)
:epacridaceae, epacris family, family epacridaceae,
definition:Australasian shrubs or small trees (noun.plant)
:family lennoaceae, lennoaceae,
definition:family of fleshy parasitic herbs lacking green foliage and having heads of small flowers; California and Mexico (noun.plant)
:family pyrolaceae, pyrolaceae, wintergreen family,
definition:evergreen herbs of temperate regions: genera Pyrola, Chimaphila, Moneses, Orthilia (noun.plant)
:family monotropaceae, monotropaceae,
definition:used in some classification for saprophytic herbs sometimes included in the family Pyrolaceae: genera Monotropa and Sarcodes (noun.plant)
:begonia family, begoniaceae, family begoniaceae,
definition:monoecious succulent herbs or shrubs of tropical and warm regions especially America (noun.plant)
:dilleniaceae, family dilleniaceae,
definition:chiefly tropical shrubs and trees and climbers having leathery leaves or flattened leaflike stems: genera Dillenia and Hibbertia (noun.plant)
:clusiaceae, family clusiaceae, family guttiferae, guttiferae, st john's wort family,
definition:widely distributed family of chiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines that produce oils and resins and some usable timber (noun.plant)
:family hypericaceae, hypericaceae,
definition:used in some classification systems for plants usually included among the Guttiferae (noun.plant)
:actinidiaceae, family actinidiaceae,
definition:tropical trees or shrubs or woody vines (noun.plant)
:canella family, canellaceae, family canellaceae,
definition:one genus: aromatic tropical trees of eastern Africa and Florida to West Indies (noun.plant)
:caricaceae, family caricaceae, papaya family,
definition:trees native to tropical America and Africa with milky juice and large palmately lobed leaves (noun.plant)
:caryocaraceae, family caryocaraceae,
definition:small genus of tropical South American trees (noun.plant)
:cistaceae, family cistaceae, rockrose family,
definition:shrubs or woody herbs of temperate regions especially Mediterranean (noun.plant)
:dipterocarpaceae, family dipterocarpaceae,
definition:chiefly tropical Asian trees with two-winged fruits; yield valuable woods and aromatic oils and resins (noun.plant)
:family flacourtiaceae, flacourtia family, flacourtiaceae,
definition:chiefly tropical trees and shrubs (noun.plant)
:family fouquieriaceae, fouquieriaceae,
definition:small family of spiny shrubs or trees of southwestern United States (noun.plant)
:family ochnaceae, ochna family, ochnaceae,
definition:family of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs with thick shining parallel-veined leaves (noun.plant)
:family passifloraceae, passifloraceae, passionflower family,
definition:tropical woody tendril-climbing vines (noun.plant)
:family resedaceae, mignonette family, resedaceae,
definition:mainly Mediterranean herbs: mignonette (noun.plant)
:family tamaricaceae, tamaricaceae, tamarisk family,
definition:family of desert shrubs and trees (mostly halophytes and xerophytes) (noun.plant)
:family violaceae, violaceae, violet family,
definition:a family of order Parietales including the genera Viola, Hybanthus, Hymenanthera, Melicytus (noun.plant)
:family santalaceae, sandalwood family, santalaceae,
definition:chiefly tropical herbs or shrubs or trees bearing nuts or one-seeded fruit (noun.plant)
:family loranthaceae, loranthaceae, mistletoe family,
definition:in some classification includes Viscaceae: parasitic or hemiparasitic shrublets or shrubs or small trees of tropical and temperate regions; attach to hosts by haustoria (noun.plant)
:family viscaceae, mistletoe family, viscaceae,
definition:in some classifications considered a subfamily of Loranthaceae (noun.plant)
:family theaceae, tea family, theaceae,
definition:a family of trees and shrubs of the order Parietales (noun.plant)
:dilleniidae, subclass dilleniidae,
definition:a group of families of more or less advanced trees and shrubs and herbs having either polypetalous or gamopetalous corollas and often with ovules attached to the walls of the ovary; contains 69 families including Ericaceae and Cruciferae and Malvaceae; sometimes classified as a superorder (noun.plant)

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